Created by Mongrel Mouth
Director: Duncan Maurice
Playwright: Saman Shad
Starring: Adam Connelly, Ali Crew, Amelia Tranter, Aston Campbell, Charlie Upton, Christina Sankari, Danny Gubbay, Eli King, Ezequiel Martinez, Giulia Clemente, Julia Landrey, Latisha Owens, Mark Williamson, Moreblessing Maturure, Paloma Alma, Rowan McDonald, Sage Godrei, Sharon Zeeman and Tess Marshall

Synopsis: The Age of Entitlement is about power, wealth, and how it can corrupt the best of intentions.

Young activist, Lara, believes she can change the world for the better. From a poor background, she has risen up the political ranks and understands the rights of those who have come from a life like hers. She craves a sense of power – something she never had. Then a mysterious figure steps into her world, promising everything she could possibly imagine!

Lara is transformed into a powerhouse politician on the verge of becoming the next party leader, all at the cost of losing the one man who has always stood by her side.

Review: Mongrel Mouth and its mammoth cast with director Duncan Maurice guiding the way have pulled together a very interesting piece of interactive theatre. Performed throughout seven rooms in an old mansion in The Rocks as apart of Village Bizarre Festivities this collaboration of talents was both curious and mystical. The characters all political/revolutionary advocates in one aspect or another were ordained in costume, make-up and wigs very Tim Burton-esque and other worldly. The freedom to wander and observe, get involved in conversation with the characters and immerse oneself in the play is a gage you as the viewer alone decide. Each room held a different element of the story, yet you didn’t feel out of the loop, taking the pieces you gathered to reveal the overall picture and drive of what was unfolding around you. All the gorgeous actors involved in this hybrid theatre were committed, comfortable and used the space immensely well. All involved, tender, strong, vivid and guided.

Producing this kind of theatre is risky, indeed challenging I’m sure! An immersive environment where audience is on stage and unpredictable anything can occur, and that’s the joy of it and was encouraged. The rowdier that mansion got the better the story! There was a glorious sense of responsibility taken by many audience members who were moved to involve themselves when prompted by cast circumstance, plight and even personal moral standings. The dynamics were as intriguing and interesting as the concept itself. We soon all found ourselves intimately squashed in one room as the story gathered to a head, this is where personal conviction came into play. Cast asking audience what the out-come should be. A mixture of silence, bewilderment and cry-havoc filled the room, it was inescapably confronting and touched a few raw reality nerves, I know it did with me. Community, national and global responsibility almost too much to digest. To some this was exciting and others slightly terrifying!

‘The Age of Entitlement’ is a fantastic hybrid exploration of kinetics between audience actor and story. Mongrel Mouth and company are catering to new expectation and audiences. It’s fun, thoughtfully current in context and super quirky!

It’s an exciting thing to see a theatre show sell out, which goes to prove there is a hungry audience out there for diverse theatre such as this. Stay tuned for what this production company do next, I’m sure it won’t disappoint or fail to delight!

A cracking night out!

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