DANCE BITES 2014 consists of three works. SAFE HANDS by Miranda Wheen, BETWEEN TWO AND ZERO by Matt Cornell and Miranda Wheen and SKETCH by Flatline.

Just as experimental as this group of arts evolutionists, I too have decided to write my review in a similar manner. I’m not going to try and categorise or “sum up” this production trio. Instead write down words for each of the above works and let you use your imagination as to wether by my nouns, pronouns and descriptions wether you would wish to immerse yourself in Dance Bites 2014.

SAFE HANDS, man on mission, heart bleeds, caves, slinky, galant, grave, emotion, beep, seller, soft, quirky, quick, sprite, improvised, free, rule-less, sweat, breath, pale, synergy, kinetic, pop, rest, crane, tactile, shaped rave for one.

BETWEEN TWO AND ZERO, connected, married, equal, spiral, love-making, decide, brake, push, live, fly, hold, mould, brisk, risk, tap, speed, swirl, twirl, catch, snatch, seat, sleek, strut, fun, lines, skin, give, take, make, break. Roll, far, team, warm, action pinching, passion, folds of nerves, blanket, trip, trick, no body puts baby in the corner.

SKETCH, modern, school, heads of spaghetti, lamas in hats, coloured feelings, TV streaming, experimental feeling, fingers, pencils, cartoon, itchy, psychology, body poking, high end finding, glass ceiling climbing, museum culture, paint by feelings, motion rearing, 3D painting, time erasing, pattern savvy, expression mission, pupil twitching, crayola on acid, rewinding.

Get your brain gears grinding in the experimental!

DANCE BITES 2014 is on at Riverside Parramatta 11-13th September


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